After spending 9 years at one of the most amazing design firms on the planet, then building the brand and design team for a brazen new tech startup, I ventured into a strange new world—the technology powerhouse known as Salesforce. In a serendipitous collision of my former lives, Ignite (an internal team deemed by Forbes as "Salesforce’s secret weapon") combines human centered design with the power of data to create a playground for amazing design opportunities. As if that isn't enough, I've been lucky enough to help lead Ignite Incubator, a skunkworks team tasked with sensing, incubating and launching new products based on our customers' unmet needs.

I'm two years in, and what has motivated me throughout my career is gaining strength and depth. Every day, I want to surround myself with amazing people who I trust, and do work that pushes the boundaries of design, brand, and business. And everywhere I go, I want to challenge the boundaries of what's possible. 

I feel incredibly lucky that my involvement in the Chicago design community over the last seventeen years has widened my circle of friends to a point that’s made this entire city feel like home. I’m a straight shooter, I believe in serendipitous connections, and I want to see the people around me succeed. I believe that good business is about telling people what they need to hear, rather than what they want to hear. As my beloved leadership coach once said: We all need someone who can not only see who we are, but push us to be something better. Amen. 


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